“I am very pleased with Erna and her PSYCH-K coaching method. I had not heard of PSYCH-K before, but apparently it is really true that you can re-program your subconscious. As is the case with other coaching methods, this might work instantly and sometimes it takes longer. Some issues are multi-layered and are hard to get rid of in just one session. Although, with the right questions, insights and experience, Erna guided me quickly to the core and I could successfully transform stubborn beliefs. And all that without deep digging into old pain. Super energetic, loving and competent coach! 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.”
“Erna has helped me exceptionally well in getting rid of my anxiety. Among other methods by means of PSYCH-K. PSYCH-K works fast and well resulting in feeling much lighter when I leave Erna’s therapy room, I feel better and more peaceful. A burden has been lifted of my shoulders! The calmness in which Erna guides you is very comfortable. She reaches the core of my problems by talking and asking questions. I am very grateful to Erna for all she has done for me in the past. Also in the future I will reach out to her when I encounter a problem or when I want to improve myself.”
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